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You bought your dream home, but now things aren’t quite working. Your family is bigger, or maybe you have more stuff than you anticipated, or maybe the function of your house was better in concept than it is in practice. Whatever the reason, you may be looking for a bigger home that has enough space or works better.

Good news – you don’t have to abandon your dream home! You simply need help bringing it into alignment with reality.

For almost two decades, we have helped Melbourne homeowners with their extension and renovation projects. Whether you want to build a new bedroom for your growing family, expand the entertaining area or just want more room, we can help you create a beautiful space that makes you fall in love with your home all over again.

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The Best in Home Renovations

We help our clients improve their living spaces and give them all the room their growing families need. Whether you need a ground floor extension or a second storey added to your house, we ensure that your home renovation project will be completed to the high standard you deserve.

We’ve worked on all sorts of home renovation projects: the family room, master bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and more. With many years of professional experience, you can rest assured that we will deliver your renovation project on time and on budget.

We offer home extensions, renovations, and a wide range of home improvement services in Melbourne, aiming to provide superior quality extension work to our clients.

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    From Concept to Completion

    We’re here to help you with your extensions and renovations every step of the way. From the initial consultation to the final flourish, we are dedicated to helping you realise the potential of your home and giving you a beautiful, functional space.

    We start with a discovery meeting where we find out more about your dream home, your needs, and what you’re hoping to get out of a home extension. We take your ideas on board and use our expertise to develop the perfect design to complement your home. All of our team members are up to date with the latest styles and can help you decide on a modern design for your Melbourne home.

    Once you’re happy with the concept and the building design, we ensure that all the complex legal stuff is sorted. Council approval, planning and permits – we take care of it all, sparing you the migraine. And, since we’ve been doing this so long, we know exactly how to make sure that there are no delays due to planning oversights.
    Throughout the entire process, we will be on call to answer any questions you may have and to explain what each stage of construction entails.

    Home extensions Melbourne

    Reliable Home Extension Builders in Melbourne

    A home extension is a pretty big project in terms of both money and time. Depending on the area of your home you are extending, this can be a very disruptive process if not properly managed.

    We know that the secret to a successful business is quality work and happy customers. That’s why our extension builders are all well-trained, certified, and committed to delivering the best construction work possible. We’re all about ensuring that you get the best value for your money, making your extensions count.

    Double Storey Extension

    When it comes to creating more usable space for your home, second storey extensions simply make the most sense. This allows you to expand your home without taking up precious garden or lawn space, especially if you have a smaller lot or a layout that does not permit easy outward extension.

    Our renovation builders are experts when it comes to double-storey extension projects. We’ve worked on this type of extension on houses across Melbourne and have honed our construction skills.

    Importantly, unlike outward home extensions, double-storey extensions require builders to access the living areas inside your home. Often, this means that you will have to temporarily vacate the home – and even if you don’t, it can be quite a disruption to your everyday lives. With our professional experience, we are able to keep any interruptions to a minimum and stick to our schedule, ensuring that your project will not go overboard and you will have your brand new double-storey in no time!

    Home Extension Builders Melbourne

    Home Extensions For Heritage Homes

    If you’re looking to renovate your heritage home, there are a lot of complicated processes and paperwork you must go through. We have much experience working on heritage home renovations in Melbourne and will be able to help you with your project.


    Depending on the area you wish to extend, a Melbourne house extension can cost anywhere from $1,350 per m2 and $2,100 per m2 (ground storey extension) or $1,850 and $3,300 (double-storey extension). This differs depending on the condition of your home and a range of other factors, so it is always best to seek a quote from extension experts like the Brisk team to get a more accurate picture.

    If you don’t have the budget for a larger house extension, a small one can still do wonders for the value and function of your home. Of course, this depends on where you use it – for example, renovating a kitchen, bathroom or entertainment area can allow the space to work better and take the strain off the rest of the home. Consider all the areas of your Melbourne house and create a priority list.

    The answer may differ, depending on the specifics of your property, but generally, it is more expensive to build up than out. This is due to the fact that double-storey extensions require extensive structural work to ensure your safety: removing and reattaching the roof, as well as strengthening the first storey to support the weight of the second. Workers require scaffolding, which adds to the cost, and also require access to the house, which means that in some circumstances you will have to seek accommodation elsewhere.

    Apart from house extensions, we offer a wide range of professional home renovation and building services in Melbourne, including:

    • Kitchen renovations
    • Bathroom renovations
    • Granny flats and other dual occupancy residences
    • Carports
    • Verandahs
    • Pergolas
    • Decking

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